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Comparison on Arab Awakening

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Essay Preview: Comparison on Arab Awakening

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The dispute within the different Arab countries is not hidden to everyone in the world; their fight for a better political ruler that affects almost every aspect of the economy. This fight could be likened to the fight on the past revolutions of some third world countries and, even, the Communist Republics of the USSR. This paper aims to analyze whether the revolution that is taking place in the Arab countries is the same when various third world countries and former communist republic of USSR transit to a democratize state. Is the Arab country on their way to the transition of a more democratic political regime?

The importance to analyze this events could be traced back to the need of understanding and accurately asserting of the events to happen next within the Arab countries. By answering this problem, it will help us recognize the significant effect of revolution to democratization.

This will study and discuss my analysis on the current happening about the so-called Arab Awakening and compare it from the "yellow revolution" and the 1989 revolutions that took place in former USSR countries. This will also discuss my personal analysis on the process of democratization of political regime after revolution happened from the third world countries, especially in the Philippines.

This part of my paper would elaborate the similarities and differences of the revolutions that have happened in the Philippines, USSR, and the currently occuring "Arab Awakening" in order to answer the presented problem.

To start with, the first question to be answered would be why did those revolutions began? Do the People's Power Revolution in EDSA, 1989 Revolutions, and "Arab Awakening" took the same motivations and reasons to arise in the midst of the control of their government?

Tunisia Revolution, the first country who started the wave of revolution in Arab countries, was catalysed by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi. Bouazizi's act of setting himself to fire because of a maltreatment of government official became the turning point and prompt the people that they have a kind of government that's not listening to their own people. Tunisian realized that they were just being used as means of profit for the corrupt officials. After being successful in their revolt, many Arab countries realized the importance of their voice and followed Tunisia. Egypt is the second one to follow and had overthrown their President Hosni Mubarak ending his 30 years of dictatorship.

People Power Revolution or "Yellow Revolution", a good example of a succesful revolution on a Third world country, a non-violent revolution occured during the year 1983-1986 was triggered because of the violent and corrupt regime of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Another that triggered the revolution in the Philippines was the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino Sr. Unarmed civilians, on the 22nd of



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