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Computerized Point of Sales with Inventory System

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Essay Preview: Computerized Point of Sales with Inventory System

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Computerization helps a business by allowing them to fulfill their task faster than accomplishing them manually. A computerized system has the capability to synchronize task, bring down error rates gigantically and it can communicate with other computers a different location through a local network or the interest (Sanchez and Soriano, 2005)

The problems encountered with manual system may be answered by replacing it with a computerized system. Because it can manipulate large amount of data, an individuals working time would be shortened. It also eliminates paper work at same point (Bautista and Gutierrez, 2000).

A computer is a device capable of accepting and storing data in the forms of facts and figures, applying prescribe process as meaningful information, all of which is done under the control of series of instruction called a program (Santos, 2000)

Computers can be founded everywhere from bans and offices to school and at home computers became in demand that it is hand it is hard to imagine life without computers, computers have main purposes that we cannot deny. It helps us to lessen our activity and also getting knowledge (Bacalan, 2000).



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