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Point of Sales

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Every organization has guidelines that help manage marketing decisions and employees. Managers in all sectors of hospitality enterprises have certain duties and responsibilities concerning guests, workers, and others who come in contact with the organization (Tesone 2006). With an internal and external analysis organizations can find success. Businesses with successful products and services use internal and external analysis to examine targeted markets so they can recognize issues that need to be improved or addressed within the organization. It is crucial for organizations to utilize their resources in order to stay above competition. In this paper I will identify the possible privacy issues for users both internal, such as malicious users, and external, like viruses or hackers, of the organization. Second I will distinguish between internal and external threats to the physical plant where the resources are located and to the virtual resources accessible electronically. I will also discuss three resources and procedures available to protect these resources and finally, I will explain how might the Human Resources' responsibilities help define and distinguish internal and external threats. In order to remain competitive in business markets today necessary resources must be provide. In business there are many issues that are measured when selecting suitable software for the organization. Organizations can benefit from having appropriate software related with cost, security and support.

The security assessments are very vital and should be well managed by the organizations. Threats from virus attacks and hackers can carry out a huge amount of threats to businesses. People are the main cause of these types of threats. Consumers have come to accept the risks of using credit cards in places like hotel lobbies and restaurants because they can see, touch, or consume certain products and make judgments about that specific environment (Connolly 2005). Threats from hackers are the most occurring in today's society. There is a large amount of programs that hackers are using today to create disorder. A hacker who gains access to personal computers is able to set up an unauthorized distributed network that is controlled remotely through indirect interfaces with many computers (Tesone 2006). The most important threat is damages it may cause to an organizations profit and image. Some organizations add links to related online sites for merging companies. To protect from hackers companies change their technology defenses. Companies can come across identity theft and spoofing if not protected appropriately. Spoofing is the low cost associated with Web site design and ease of copying existing pages makes it all too easy to create illegitimate sites that appear to be published by established organizations. These sites set up professional-looking storefronts that mimic legitimate businesses in the effort to obtain credit card and other information



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