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Costumer "i Don't Care" Service

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Essay Preview: Costumer "i Don't Care" Service

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Costumer service is a very important aspect to any business. It is a very simple concept. If the business is nice and cares for their costumer's every need then their business profit will rise or stay the same, but if a business doesn't care about their costumers then they will definitely see a decrease in profit. Costumer service had gone south compared to ten years ago. I think costumer service has become less caring and less cooperative with costumers.

I was riding my beat up red and blue moped to Wal-Mart one day. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the air was fresh, and there was a light breeze on my face while I was riding in 72 degrees. But my perfect day was about to all come to a halt like an elevator's momentum when it has reached the right floor. I was riding this beat up moped I had my white Nike sport shorts on. Any guy will say that when wearing sport shorts things can easily fall out of the pocket. I usually don't ride with my phone in my pocket but today I didn't think to take my phone out of my pocket and put it in the seat compartment. While I was riding down the road I heard a bang. I looked behind me and I saw my new black cell phone on the ground sliding away from me in two separate pieces. So, I decided to go and get a new phone.

Once I got the phone I called Verizon Wireless to activate it. Kelly answered the phone in a rude tone, "My names Kelly, this is Verizon Wireless, can I help you?" I answered back, "Yes, I need to activate my phone." "One second'" Kelly said, "I'll put you on hold."

I was on hold for 45 minutes until I hung up. I called back and it was Kelly again. Her excuse for me being on hold so long was because she forgot to transfer me. After that it only took me five minutes to get my phone activated.

My other bad experience with costumer service was when I was ten years old. I had recently bought a game for my Xbox and it was scratched when I opened it. So I tried returning it. The store clerk gave me the look like I was trying to hide something but I really wasn't. He said that the disk wasn't scratched when I opened it and said that I scratched it. He said he could not and would not refund me the money. Not knowing what to do I went home and told my mother. If anyone knows my mom she likes things her way and when something isn't right she will not hesitate to speak her mind. She went into the store not letting me come in after her. Ten minutes went by and she came out with a new game. I was super excited.

The reason I think this is crappy customer service is because some people think kids are all just out to get into trouble. I was not getting into trouble I was there for a reason. I was raised not to lie and I still stay as true as humanly possible to that. It really offended me that someone could think that little of a person they just met.

Being put on



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