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K1 Quality Service Costumer Care Relation - K1quality Service (k1)

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Essay Preview: K1 Quality Service Costumer Care Relation - K1quality Service (k1)

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This paper is a descriptive analysis on relationship management practices of one company, K1Quality Service (K1). The analysis will be based on the analytical tools that were developed by Center for Relationship Marketing and Service Management (CERS). The importance of relationship management is eminence. The focus on keeping the existing customer while in the same time creating valuable business network that will lead to new customer, this will be the K1 marketing strategy in general. Both are equally important and one could lead to the other, this in the end will create a growing and sustainable business.

1. The Company

K1 is a human resources provider and offshoring partner in the field of information technology. Human resources services or consultancy service is basically focusing in providing qualified personnel's to support customer in achieving their business goal. The K1 involves in all sides of software development project such as project management, software development and support functions. K1 mainly focuses in providing the quality assurance personnel in a software development cycle. The other side of the K1 business is offshore software development. K1 have one partner in each country of India and Indonesia. One service that differentiates K1 compare to other offshoring company is the Local Offshoring. Local offshoring is a solution to several challenges that exists in the conventional off shoring. In conventional offshoring normally, partly or all of the software development process is located in the foreign shore with foreign resources' while in local offshoring we relocate client's native resources' to a new premises in the foreign soil.

K1 Quality Service is a small personal company, the company consists of four personal that equally carry multiple roles within the company. The reason why this company is chosen is because it's related to the big plan of taking the study in Hanken in the first place to use the knowledge and experience during the study into practical use of further development of this company.

Currently the clients are mainly Finnish companies and most of the development processes are dividing between Indonesia's and India's site. Both of the K1 personnel's in Finland also involve in an active project in client's premises. The away team leads by 1 manager that lead a development team that consist of several developers and software tester.

The philosophy of the company is somehow closely related to the CERS relationship strategy especially management and employee commitment from the strategic level and cultivation of current customer relationships from the operational level. This is another reason why the company was chosen.

K1 pronounce as "Kaa" "One", referring to Bahasa Indonesia,



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