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Service Strategy of Societies Health Care Center

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Essay Preview: Service Strategy of Societies Health Care Center

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Service Strategy of Societies Health Care Center





        Albany Health Care Center has adopted the customer oriented service strategy where all the activities, processes and tasks are undertaken in the center keeping in mind the patients who visit the hospital with the expectation of the best quality services at a reasonable cost. The management of Albany Health Care Center understands the expectations of a patient from the health care organization. It understands that the patients expect the staff of the health care organization to be empathetic enough who could explain them all the procedures and processes and could provide the best quality care. The patients come with the expectations that the organization will provide them right services at the right time that will enable them to overcome the health care issues (Porter & Lee, 2013).

The service strategy of Albany Health Care Center can be well described using Mintzberg’s 5 P’s of strategy i.e. Plan, Ploy, Pattern, Position, and Perspective. Albany Health Care Center plans to provide quality health care services to all the sections of the society. It plans to introduce a number of health care programs to address the health care issues of the people. It also plans to open up the branches of the hospitals at number of places to be able to serve a larger section of people at different places. It has no strategy to ploy the competitors because the objective of the organization is not to compete but ensure the well-being of the human beings. The organization has an evolving pattern of providing services that change according to the change in technology and demand but the ultimate objective of the health care center is to ensure best of services to the people at a reasonable cost. The center has positioned itself as a health care organization that is established to resolve all the health care issues of the people. While the major focus of the Health Care Center continues to be cancer and heart treatment it has excellent facilities in all the departments. It caters the needs of not only the upper section of the society but also the backward sections by providing them necessary help. The overall perspective of the organization is to be the best in the health care sector by providing the necessary and timely services to the patients. It tries to ensure the best of services by continuously working in the fields of research and education (Wordpress, 2012).

All the strategies of the organization are customer oriented that create a healing environment in the organization. The organization has a very patient friendly strategy of getting the formalities done after admitting the patients so that immediate care can be provided to the patients especially in the critical cases. The center has particular timings dedicated for the visitors who come to meet their relatives and friends. This also ensures proper rest to the patients during the rest of the day. The organization has well-trained nurses and other staff who commit themselves to provide the best of the services to the patients. Albany Health Care Center continuously motivates its employees to provide utmost care to the patients (Porter & Lee, 2013).

Service Strategy and Customer Service

        By way of its customer oriented strategy Albany Health Care Center commits itself to the culture of customer service. The simplified processes and procedures for the patients and the dedication to provide the best health care services continuously motivates the organization to provide the best service to the customers. The organization provides a rigorous training to the employees so that they are able to provide the care to the patients. The strategy of the center is to provide the services in such a manner so that the patients feel confident about their decision to avail the services from Albany Health Care Center.



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