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Creating Effective Assignments for Teachers and Students

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Essay Preview: Creating Effective Assignments for Teachers and Students

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Creating Effective Assignments for Teachers and Students

Reliability and Norms

The one method of reliability testing that would be in use will be the retest method. This is one of the easiest ways in determining reliability measurement, and is also put into introduction in later periods of time. "The reliability of the test (instrument) can be estimated by examining the consistency of the responses between the two tests" (Willmott & Nuttall, 1975, p. 1).

The correlation in measurement over a period of time is less than perfect. This is due to the different experiences and attitudes of the respondents in receiving the test and producing answers to it for the first time.

"The reliability of a research instrument concerns the extent to which the instrument yields the same results on repeated trials. Although unreliability is always present to a certain extent, there will generally be a good deal of consistency in the results of a quality instrument gathered at different times. The tendency toward consistency found in repeated measurements is referred to as reliability" (Carmines & Zeller, 1979).

How many people would this questionnaire be given to?

This questionnaire is in circuit to all of the faculty members of the school system for the responses to come back to the teacher for their teaching purposes, and possible quality of learning assessments for the students within the class room. Later when school is in session, the teacher will have the students of the particular class take the assessment. This will help with the views and scholastic points of where the students would like their teacher to be.

What characteristics would your respondents have?

The characteristics of the respondents would all be from the same educational environment that the particular teacher is in. This way all of the respondents answering the questions, and giving their opinions, will be putting help toward the teaching aspects of this one particular teacher regarding her teachings inside the classroom.

To whom would the instrument be generalized?

The instrument is generally in the regards of the teaching and assignment aspects of the teacher of this particular class. The design of this instrument is for the educational opinions of the faculty around the campus for further assessment, and also for the teaching inquiry and aspects of the teacher according to the students of this particular class.

The information on the questionnaire is a design by the teacher, for receiving further educational response to academic assignments within this classroom. The teacher wants to know how to help these students to further themselves while making the learning educational and fun.


"Validity can be defined as the degree to which a test measures what it is supposed to measure" (Mason & Bramble, 1989).

The approach measurement of content validity is to the degree, which the questions or testing items are representing a domain, or universe of traits or properties that are put into measuring. "In order to establish the content validity of a measuring instrument, the researcher must identify the overall content to be represented" (Mason & Bramble, 1989, p. 1).

The questionnaire items are a random choice from content of the questionnaire, which will accurately represent all areas and information. When using the content validity method the researcher gathers a group of items, which will represent content of the traits or properties that need to be in measurement.

When trying to identify this content this is not a task that is easy. A panel of experts in this field will then identify content. If the case is to research knowledge regarding teachers and a curriculum of a new nature "a group of curriculum and teacher education experts might be asked to identify the content of the test to be developed" (Mason & Bramble, 1989, p. 1).

Once the determination of the individual goals is set for the assignments and the level of the students then the assignment can be put into creation. However, in the introduction of the assignments there should be clear outlines, which the students are able to obtain the most success from the assignments. For example;

The purpose of the assignment



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