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Differences Between Classes, Grades, Teachers and Students

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Essay Preview: Differences Between Classes, Grades, Teachers and Students

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Kevin Iraheta

College Comp I

When it comes to school there are many differences between classes, grades, teachers and students. A big difference and leap in school is transitioning from high school to college. High school and college have many differences in many aspects. In high school the enviroment differs from college because of the classes and students. The amount of work a student recieves in high school is alot different then the ones a college student gets. The teachers who teach in college are very fast and worry less compared to the teachers in high school. My english class in college is a great example because it is very different and better then the one i took in high school.

The enviroment in my english class in high school was very juvenile. There were many immature kids who did alot of unneccasary things during class. On the other hand in college the students are more mature then i am and like to get straight to their work and don't fool around as much. My classmates in college are more efficient in the class room and get their work done very quickly in comparison to my class mates in high school. There are many more differences between the two classes.

The work a college student has to get done in the short amount of time that is expected is completely different from a high schools perspective. In college there is a lot more work and the deadlines arent extended as much as in high school where the teacher is very leniet and flexible. The essays in college are more interesting and informative to write then the ones in highschool because of the maturity level of the students. The articles a student gets to read in college inform and relate to the student alot more then the books required to read in high school. Which is always a plus for the students.

Teachers are also very different in college compared to the ones in high school. My english teacher in high school was very annoying and confusing On the contrary my college english teacher is a good teacher and teaches everything well and is easy to understand and ask questions to. My highschool english teacher would give an assignment that seemed pointless and uninteresting while my college teacher is always giving informative assignments and makes the students interested in them.

In conclusion, college is better then high school when it comes to my english class. My college english class is more effiecent and give better work then my high school class. The enviroment in high school is alot different and worst then the enviroment in a college class room. The teachers are more clearer and easier to understand in college in contrast to the high school teachers. My english class in college is more informative and interesting then my high school class. Over all i enjoy attending my college class a lot more then i enjoyed showing up in any



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