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Critic Essay

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I decided to choose this article because it tells me about an old issue which relates to people's habit on buying too much food than can be eaten. Generally, the article chosen is good enough on explaining about the poor habit of those people in wasting money to buy lots of food compared to more than they can eat and lastly it is being wasted. The author also mention about situation happened during each of fasting month in Malaysia because it relates to the people's approaches towards of food served at bazaar as well as hotels. Besides, other than that, author has stated some issues which happened in global world such as poverty, hunger and malnutrition problem.


Basically, the article tells about the way people react towards of food especially when the month of Ramadhan is started. Based on what the author explains in the article, there will be many bazaars sell several of cuisines for break fasting and also lots of break fast ceremony held by those hotels and restaurants. As what normally happened, if there are still lots of food which not been touched yet, the management department or someone who is responsible in this matter should manage to distribute it wisely for example send it as food donation to orphanage or old folks. According to the fact given by the author which is from Qatar's paper, the statement is not fully utilized the point highlighted. It focuses on wastage of huge food prepared and the tendency of being overspending only but it is not really support the situation meant by the author. Typically, Ramadan is not only reflects on being ostentation or spending more money on food, but it is a month whereas people like to distribute and share what they have in order to strengthen bonds each other. Thus, the article does not able to give strong evidence on how people manage food surplus during the month of Ramadan as well as the reason behind all that happened.

Analysis of the presentation

Regarding to what the author delivered in the article, the early content is mostly referred to Muslims' people as he manages to choose Ramadan month to describe the people's habit of wasting food and money. In this part, the author should not confidently bring out his idea and judge the situation to the Holy month because physically he is not a Muslim and for sure he will not feel the sense of delight during break fast moment. Normally, Muslim people will start fasting from sunrise until sunset and it is already gifted in Muslim's desire to break their fast with what they want to eat and they will usually end up with lots of taste towards of food and drink. Yes, the author is good on explaining that dates and sweet cakes are already enough to serve as their meals for break fast dishes. However, this kind of situation cannot be controlled personally since people do have their own desire towards of food and usually, during break fast moment, the extra food will be kept for a while because it will be eaten later after they finish their Terawih prayer. So, it is not totally proven when the author mentioned that during the month, the wastage of food is fully increased since not all people would love to waste what they have spent for. As the author explains about the wastage of food during Ramadan, he also stated about the things that people should consider when wasting food and money. Author has good explained whereas people are supposed to care about the result of their behavior since there are many people who are still struggling to get enough food,



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