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Mkt 421 - Starbucks Swot Analysis - Essays

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Defining Marketing

Joanne McCabe


August 1, 2011

Jeffrey Buck

Defining Marketing

Marketing represents a vast component in the consumer effectiveness in their daily life to reinforce profitable development and progress for everyone. "One key reason is that marketing encourages research and innovation, through the development and spread of new ideas, goods, and services" (Perreault, Jr., Ph.D., Cannon, Ph.D., & McCarthy, Ph.D., 2009, p. 6). As consumers each individual has been introduced to marketing from the time these individual rise and shine up until the time to hit the hay. As we all know marketing comes in many structures, which include commercials that are broadcast, billboards we come across on the freeways to work, advertisements on the Internet and the list continues. This paper will provide information on the three definitions of marketing; this information will include the critical aspects of marketing to an organization. This paper will provide three examples of marketing success articles, which will present a precise and clear analysis on the significance of marketing.

Marketing Defined

The writer's definition gives the impression it is off mark after this particular writer reads about marketing. This particular writer merely thought of marketing was the way to promote consumers to buy, obtain commodities by any means available; also to allure the consumer to do so. Furthermore, the writer has come to realize after reading on the definition of Marketing they have two components of marketing: micro-marketing and macro-marketing. Micro-marketing is viewed as a set of activities performed by organizations, whereas macro-marketing is viewed as a social process (Perreault, Jr., Ph.D., Cannon, Ph.D., & McCarthy, Ph.D., 2009).

Micro-marketing consist of the special interest and pursuit of the delivery of goods by the organization and the responsibilities to forecast the wants and needs of their clientele. This is completed by fulfilling all the needs of their consumers by providing goods and services that each specific consumer wants. The organizations can pinpoint a way to make effective decisions on forecasting the needs of the consumer in the time to come and how to provide for their needs.

Macro-marketing associated with the social channels which oversees the outflow of products and services to the producers and the consumers. However, Macro-marketing is concerned with how adequately its doubling supply and demand and safeguarding the ambition of society are meant.

Importance of Marketing in Organizational Success

The marketing team of an organization must be strong with the ever changing of the expanding global economy and internet. If a marketing team can forecast the consumer's needs of supply and demand, they would need to come together by finding a solution to meet those needs. No matter what the organization, for-profit, not-for-profit, or even governmental organizations marketing is the key to the financial success of every organization (Perreault, Jr., Ph.D., Cannon, Ph.D., & McCarthy, Ph.D., 2009).

Macro- Marketing the three example success stories.

The first success story that is being provided is the i -phone. Just before the first i-phone was available on the market, Apple had developed their marketing campaign. Along with television commercials, billboard advertisements, and even Internet ads were to keep the consumer curiosity. However, the organization will begin to launch



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