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Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity

Many of us see culture as ideas, traditions, beliefs and the different behaviors in communities that are passed down from generation to generation. Although, culture diversity involves ancient cultures being changed over time. Education, work personal relationships and health are just a few of the different cultural diversities that are affected each year.

America’s workforce is more diverse than it has ever been. Upper class white men are no longer dominating companies. People of color, women and other minor groups are rising the ranks, demanding change. Not only is the work place being filled with people from ethnicities, we are also experiencing a rise of people from all the nations across the world. Keeping the work and job satisfaction high, people need to feel comfortable with their job and place they work. When the workers feel comfortable and safe, they are more likely to do their jobs better and faster. Diversity in the workplace enhances creativity. It also helps companies enter international arenas.

Each and every student is unique. Students bring a varying of beliefs, values and perspectives to the learning environment. Diversity is becoming more and more common in classrooms as the world grows. As cultures come together, they all have to learn new and different beliefs than they are use to. By schools welcoming diversity, students have more and more opportunities than they would have had a 50 years ago. Even though diversity is a good thing there is still some bad. When it comes to discipline, students who aren’t white get harsher punishments than whites.

Each year health care for people who are a different culture is increasing. Knowing the patient's background and beliefs is very important in caring for them. Every culture had different ways for treating each sickness, if a doctor does not know the belief of their patient then this can cause several problems. Some people believe that talking about possible poor health cause poor health. Other customs believe family is important when it comes to make health decisions.some people don't believe in healthcare at all. These are some of the things that are important to know in culture diversity.

As you can see culture diversity plays a large role in today's society. No matter where you go culture diversity is everywhere. Before going anywhere in the world you need to take some time to learn the cultural beliefs of the place you go. If u have a job knowing these things is also a good thing to know to better you workplace and life.



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