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Part one: Photos you don't know

* Study the key figures and the movements

* If you see the picture do you know who took it and know why

* Recognize the style

* You can get partial credit by explaining a photography with who you think it is and what you know about them

* Stighken -heels, straight, advertisement

* Cameron0 mother and daughter pictures

o Gertrude maybe but wrong

* Nadar, neutral background, plain clothes, studio portrait, He took photos of sewers and one hot air balloons

* Had a gallery called Yosemite, rounded edges

* Roger Fenten, Crimean war, Propaganda, guy bringing you a drink.

Know the images that are on the study guide and the key figures, the movement, the style

Part one is just the key figures no tittles and no dates

Part 2: Photos you know

* We are shown 2 photos and we have to compare then

* Remembering a paper for Weston, 1930's, pepper # 30

* These are the photographs I am suppose to know. Know why she is giving us the two to compare. I.e. one is staged and one is natural.

Know the titles, the artist, the year, The movement, know why they were made.

The 2 photographs have to have something in common, anything I can say about the author

Fading away and casting the net

The wall street on and the one win the snow

Straight and pictorialist

Early Daguerreotypes:

Still people

Blurry of closed eyes

Powdered faces to reflect more light

Heliography- The name Niepce gave to his invention

Peter Henry Emerson


No manipulation or combo printing

Differential fpocus

Subject- rural people


Photographed Yosemite

added cloudes




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