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Custom Transportation: Striving Towards the Safety Culture

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Essay Preview: Custom Transportation: Striving Towards the Safety Culture

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Custom Transportation: Striving towards the Safety Culture

Workplace today needs to maintain healthy and safe workplace for their employees. Custom Transportation located in Elgin, Illinois was growing with their business in the delivery of the medical supplies and related equipment to the hospitals, medical companies and clinics in the west. Most of the employees involved in Custom Transportation are sales representatives, warehouse staff and truck drivers. With the growing business, they are in a phase to recruit new employees as their scope of work was about to be increased because of the recent governmental contracts. But Safety in the workplace, high employee absenteeism, and increasing workers ' compensation claims, and increasing number of employees was a challenging problem it was facing which was initially handled by CFO directly. The company has decided to hire an employee to take care of these issues and implement a safety and healthy workplace.

An Employer should support and implement safety and health programs in company and protects the employees from possible health and safety hazards. The managers must be aware of the working environment and business processes that are likely to arise accidents and occupational illness. A number of environmental factors are important for the health and safety of employees such as the nature of the task, employees' attitudes toward health and safety, economic conditions of employees, unions' attitudes and bargaining power, government policies, and management goals ( (Noe, Hollebbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2011)



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