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Customer Complaint and Rejected Application Responses

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Essay Preview: Customer Complaint and Rejected Application Responses

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1410 Irony Blvd

Waterloo, Ontario Canada N5T N8T

February 11th 2015

Mr. Walter Richmond

1250 University Avenue

Windsor, Ontario Canada N4Y 6K9

Dear Mr. Richmond

The Aberfoyle Hotel takes great pains to maintain our rooms to the highest quality standard for guest satisfaction. We thank you for choosing to stay at the Aberfoyle Hotel.

The Aberfoyle Hotel maintains deposits of $700 for visiting sports teams in the case of loss or damages. The deposit has not been refunded because of the significant damage caused to the room. After close inspection, the staff has recorded the following damages:

  • The drapes had been ripped off their rungs and worn as togas ($200)
  • The towels appear to be coated in blood and were found in the bath($200)
  • The mattresses had their plastic coverings torn and filled with beer and excrement ($1800)
  • The carpets had been sliced to ribbons and stapled to the walls ($1100)
  • A call to an adult hotline was maintained for over an hour ($200)
  • The room was halve-filled with feathers and tar ($1800)
  • Additionally we were forced to eject a number of undesirables at the behest of the team

Pictures have been included below.

At this time we will not be offering a refund, due to the degree the room was damaged. The cost of the damages has far exceeded the deposit. However we will not be pursuing the matter further as we believe this was an isolated incident. We thank you for your inquiry into this matter.


The Aberfoyle Hotel

Sterling Archer


657 Superior Blvd

Waterloo, Ontario Canada N5T N8T

February 4nd 2015

Mr. Michael Owens

75 Posh Neighborhood Lane

Kitchener, Ontario Canada N0I 1Z6

Dear Mr. Owens:

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for taking the time to submit an application. We appreciate the time and effort it took to entertain our interviewing process. You have impressive qualifications and interpersonal skills.

By conducting a series of interviews we determined that three candidates including yourself exhibited exceptional qualities both meeting and exceeding our expectations. Our criteria for the job required a minimum of five-thousand night flying hours, certification on the new G72sxt, parachute loading experience, and to be bilingual. Although this particular position has been filled, our decision in no way reflects a lack of promise in your career. We would like to maintain your resume on file should you wish to apply for another position within our company.



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