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Freedom Writers - Application to Anthropology

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Essay Preview: Freedom Writers - Application to Anthropology

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Freedom Writers

Part B # 1

Application to Anthropology. (Functionalism)

While Watching Freedom Writers, I discovered that this can be applied to functionalism, a school of thought in anthropology. Functionalism is the association of the different components of society and how these aspects of society function. The functionalist perception suggests that each aspect of society is mutually dependent on each other, and adds to the way the society within functions overall. The government provides children with education and the taxes imposed keep the state running. The children will grow up with the governments help; they get integrated into good paying jobs. the children will then lead stable lives and decide to have a family... This encourages and trains the people to be law abiding, adapting to any negative changes the government may bring along (economical disasters). The way this is done is by the standards and laws that have been set by governments for the people to practice. These are institutions. The school is an institution because by law, all children must be educated. The function of the school is education.

Woodrow Willson is a special school because not only does it carry out the functions of a school; it also tries focus on the cultural element of functionalism. Through the racial assimilation of students, the school hoped to introduce Organic Solidarity, by making people work and study interdependently, while keeping grip with their values, believes. The problem was, the school didn't have a figure capable enough to encourage acceptance, someone that would explain different ideas based on culture instead of simply judging and taking action, no matter how strange the students seem to be to each other.

Erin Gruwell was the light the students needed. She blurred the lines between the boundaries set by the students, encouraging them to work together by applying a manifest function. It would be absolutely necessary for the student to attend class, and encouraged for a student to write in a diary. These are intentional functions. Erin hoped to achieve social equilibrium to reduce the element of deviance and encouraging classroom conformity. She wanted all the students to feel the solidarity. She makes the students realize violence and destruction makes them loose the security built amongst themselves, makes them not abide the law can lead to serious consequences like Jail, or death.

She wanted to set norms, by making everyone realize what they had in common to eliminate the ignorance about each other, and to encourage acceptance without judging. She also developed interpersonal connection between the students, regardless of race/culture. She hoped to do this by socialization, making them do work together. She made them choose earn respect for each other.

In return, the students will feel pride, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment. This is called Intrinsic Reinforcement.

Part B#2

Application to

Part B # 3

Application To Psychology (Learning Theory)

The student in Erin's class have been teaching themselves and taught by their parents how to behave and when to apply that specific behavior. They have been fed bad negative, opinions and half truths from parents about other



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