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Cvs Harness the Power of Design to Improve the Health Outcomes

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Essay Preview: Cvs Harness the Power of Design to Improve the Health Outcomes

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CVS Harnesses the Power of Design to Improve Health Outcomes

Khushboo Chaudhary

Rupinder Singh

Alex Flavio

MADS 6604 Ethics and Public Values

Professor: Charles Carroll

Date of submission: October 21, 2017


CVS harness the power of design to improve the health outcomes

        CVS, consumer value store health is a pharmacy innovating company which helps people on their path to the better health. It was established in 1963 their purpose is to understanding what people need and want along with their commitment to improving the quality of human life in 1967 the CVS starting its pharmacy store in Warwick and Cumberland island.

        The CVS department has also take care of social responsibilities having be the first who investing $50 million over the 5 years who extended their commitment to helping people leads tobacco free lives and take one step forward to become a tobacco free life. Another step towards the social responsibility is the prescriptions for a better world they do work every day to make the quality health care more affordable, more accessible and more sustainable.

        A recent highlight as on October 6 , 2017 has come into limelight whereby CVS pharmacy is harnessing the power of design to further its mission to helping people, who faced difficulties in reading prescriptions. The CVS health department is introducing a new prescription management system for those patients who were taking multiple medications so that they can enhance the patient safety in which the patient knows how much of each medication should be taken in each dose. The result came out be the most striking feature is that the new schedule are easy to understand icons to simplify how patients take medication.

        The problem arose, when the 50 percent of patients struggle with understanding how and when they have to take their medicines and for those with complex prescription which can be more challenging to the consumers, the reason behind this, prescription is written in English and Spanish language and 50 percent people do not know how to read these languages. Customer reduces their number of times they take dose due to the insufficient of knowledge about the scheduling of knowledge.

        A sneak peek into the ethical framework of the entire machination brings into the consideration of the affect of two homogeneous issues. In order to comprehend this case, one has to look on a variety of ethical concepts principles and models the CVS case follows both the DEONTOLOGICAL as well as TELEOLOGICAL philosophies. Let’s delve on these two ethical principles in relation to the organization involved in the investigation. No doubt the CVS is going to redesign the store to further improve health so, it is a clear cut implementation of teleological philosophy which lay emphasis on “no harm principle”. On the contrary CVS do not consider the consequences of changing the prescriptions design they just think about the problems faces by the people currently. For instance, with the redesign of prescriptions people will know their medication schedule by own and by this interaction between pharmacists and patients will decreased, which may also cause the unemployment of the pharmacist as after redesigning there is no need for the more pharmacist so, in this case deontological model can be applied.

        According to the kohlberg’s 3rd stage of moral development level two, CVS pharmacy depicts the interpersonal accord and conformity where they are confirm of prescribing of medicine on the consumers. Also showing the perspective showing the half of the consumers has interest on the new design of the prescription.

        According to kohlberg’s 5th stage of moral development level three, CVS pharmacy has redesign the whole prescription without increasing the price just for the sake of welfare for the society. Without thinking of their cost for redesign the whole pharmacy.



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