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Data Case

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Picard is displaying a concern for Data as not just property of the ship, but as physical property even if Data is machine it process characteristic of a familiar physical object. Data is not human but still he identify Data of having being alive and having consciousness and being aware, Maddox look at Data as being property in other words of just being own and not having the right to feel or have emotions, but of being privately own to do what others order him to do. In order for and person to be human he needs and soul which is mind, will, and emotion, intellect, and to be created of how God told mankind a long time ago be fruitful and multiply, this means by conception of man and woman, which brings forth children, and blood which is the life of mankind and disguise it from being made by hand of man, in order a person to be person that person must be made by sperm and a woman's egg. Man can duplicate or mimic creation but he can't produce the real soul that man has from God and man became a living soul that same breath is consisting and existing among mankind today. Synthetic and steel or evening alumni is steal God's making but still we are made in his image which separate us from robots or cloning. God give us free will not only to do that what we want or need to do, but he gives us free will to love or hate, which makes Picard and Maddox different Picard has feeling or emotion for what he sees or feels is right, but Maddox is more an controller which care only what benefits his ego, so Data was property of the ship and was made by the ship so he was slave not fellow worker because he was perceive as machine and not human.



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