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English Response Paper

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Respond Paper: Unit 1

Before learning this unit, I never had any strategies or a formal plan to follow when doing my school work. I was that person who did school work as it comes, for example doing assignment at the last minute they were due. My problem was that I did not fully understand the learning environment I was in. I did not internalize fully, the demands of my tight educational expedition. I knew I wanted to be successful in archiving my educational goals. What I did not have was a plan and strategies to use to a meet my goals.

This chapter taught me that I had to make changes to my life style and had to sacrifice other aspects of life. I realized there is need for broadly stated priorities. This unit also emphasized on the need to arrange and act towards one's priorities in their order of importance. I learnt that I have a quality world, which I was unconscious of. This quality world is made up of hopes and beliefs. I learnt that I had visited my quality world each time I think of the best things I want in life. Though reading I learnt that I needed to continuously evaluate and reshape my world. This reflection process will help me become a better person and a better leaner.

The 'better learner' I want to become is labeled in this chapter as the "Autonomous learner". In situation for me to become an autonomous learner; I need what the text calls academic transformation. The first step to this perfection is to come up with short and long term educational goals. I also need to come up with balanced plan to execute these goals with. The book also stresses out that one should continuously access the plan and adjust it accordingly to the objectives. I learnt that if I manage to execute this plan I will surely be guaranteed success in my education and life as whole. My current action plan lacked consistency and I was randomly doing my school work.

I want to become an autonomous learner and this requires me to have a realistic view of my educational abilities. I learnt that if I become realistic about my ability I will also be able to set realistic goals; this usually results in a brighter educational future. Understanding realistic ability enables people to come up with an appropriate action plan for the set objectives. I now understand that, for me to come up with an appropriate action plan, I need to understand my strengths and weaknesses. This is vital in coming up with an effective and appropriate action plan. I read and understood that procrastination and avoidance have a huge negative impact on one's educational success. This helped me pin point these two factors as my weaknesses; which I will be working to eliminate.

This unit also emphasized on using the appropriate educational resources and how effective use of these resources can assist individuals in archiving their educational goals.I have realized that class and group discussions



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