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Debate Between Descartes and Searle

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Essay Preview: Debate Between Descartes and Searle

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Debate between Descartes and Searle

Descartes believed that god created us. He believed the mind was separate from the body. He show the metaphysical principals by using a rock. He took the rock and dropped it to show the rock knew to fall to the center of the earth. Yet he knew a rock could not think, so this showed that the mind and body is separate.

So is are mind actually separate from our bodies?

He feels the body needs to be fed. Where John Searle feels that the body needs the brain to exsit. So, the brain tells you that you are hungry.

Dacartes I feel would not believe in artificial intallegence. Where John Searle belived in the consciousness. He felt that if we made artificial intelligence it would need a consouciness. We would have to deplucate the process what the brain goes through. He said that once the information is running on the computer then a conscious being is created.

I feel the mind and body are not separate from each other. With out the brain would the heart beat. I think not, it tells us to breath by sending impulses through the nerves . the nerves are like the information system trough out the body. When we have nerve damage we lose feeling in the spot where the damage is. It as if it no longer exsit so it no longer gets information. When we are pronounced brain dead then are heart no longer berathes because it is no longer getting information to beat. So, yes our mind and body is one. So, yes they are dependent on each other.




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