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Demonstrative Paper

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Since the beginning there has always been some form of communication. Animals speak to other animals; Fish speak with other Fish, and then there are People (Humans) who attempt to communicate effectively with one another. While the types of communication vary between each species, that fact still remains that communication is an important. People have a strong tendency to take communication for granted, even more so; Effective communication is clearly taken for granted every day, and while there are so many ways to communicate with one another, people tend to use several different components to communicate with one another.

Before a child (infant) can even talk with simple words a parent learns to understand if their child is in pain by the expression on the child's face, such as the eyebrows may come together. Followed by the lips curling in various shapes, and then there is the main clue that tells a parent when a child is in pain or unhappy...Tears. Babies are not equipped or at least none that I have met to have tears of joy. An infant's only way of communicating joy is by showing simple expressions of joy and that is through either smiling or laughing. As the infant becomes a toddler (and this does get tricky), parents teach their child non-verbal communication by constantly interacting with them on a regular basis. I know for a fact that I have noticed adults who are playing with children making what appear to be funny faces, such as smiling, or frowning but in fact they are teaching them the beginning stages of communication. When children learn how to express themselves through hand sign language (GOOD & BAD!!), and body language, they are learning an art they will help them communicate across cultures, because an angry face regardless of what place you might visit, is an Angry Face and a smile, is also an expression that carries no boundaries. It's something about smiling (I have found), that just makes you feel better. And the receiver regardless of the language barrier smile also.

I have visited Bogota Colombia and Cartagena, Colombia several times over the past three years and I have to admit, that most Colombians English is far better than my Spanish. So, I rely heavily on my ability to communicate with any other means rather than words. I have also found that I am using body language and facial expressions and the tone in my voice, along with pointing (a great deal)when attempting to speak Spanish (with a Google accent) has helped me tremendously to get my point across effectively . Granted sometimes the receiver doesn't always understand the message that I am attempting to deliver. I can quickly understand my receivers are not understanding when there is talking between themselves and the uncertain look they have in their eyes. My audience will start to have a blank stare, which will be followed by the eyebrows, where there is one higher than the other, followed by the infamous



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