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Dependency and Conformity Affecting Teenagers' Behavior

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Essay Preview: Dependency and Conformity Affecting Teenagers' Behavior

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Dependency and Conformity affecting Teenagers' Behavior

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Literature Review.....................................5





Teenagers usually suffer from a lot of personality disorders due to suffering from many problems socially. Although, it's rare to discover that this person suffer from any kind of personality disorders, or mainly because a lot of people ignore some traits that they recognize on their teens because of their ignorance of the psychological health of their teens.

In addition, some people see that it is shame to suffer psychologically, or to say that they need a psychiatric to help them, or to say that they children need one.

Most of the teen's psychological problems come from suffering from social problems, or a certain need which is missing in their life, or suffering from a generation gap problem with their parents. Whatever the problems they suffer from are, they all lead teens to go to their peers and stay with them as long time as they can, and be their first family who they depend on.

There are many psychological problems affecting teens' personalities, such as dependency and conformity. These two represent most of the teens' psychological problems without sometimes them recognizing that they suffer from, or they are doing. As a result, there two major problems spreading among teens every day, without others recognizing whether their peers or their parents; which may lead to many serious psychological problems by time.

Dependent personalities usually begin to appear at childhood, in which the child depends on his parents to get most of his life stuff done by them. So, he get used that everything is done for him and he does not have to do anything himself. By time, this leads to a child once he enters the teenagers' age to depend on others to get everything done for him, even taking decisions for him. In addition, this gets the teen to feel less self- confidence, loss, and irresponsibility to his decisions.

On the other hand is conformity, in which peers imitate others in their attitudes, behaviors, and their lifestyles. Sometimes conformity is defined as the opposite of courage, or defined as being passive. Conformity may result unconsciously or by direct social pressure.

People conform others who have the same age, religion, thoughts, culture, and educational status; to feel more secure within groups having the same interests. Although, conformity may be conforming others in negative behaviors and attitudes, but it's rare to be conforming positive thoughts.

As Aronson said, "Conformity can be defined as a change in person's behavior or opinions as a result of real or imagined pressure from a person or a group of people"

Conformity may result from peers' pressure on someone to act and behave as them, and to have the same lifestyles they have, without the person's consciousness.

Both dependency and conformity have many negative effects on teens psychologically, which may lead to a serious problem affecting their personalities and behaviors. Many people ignore the psychological health of their teens and consider it teens' life styles and it will end by time. It's also rare to find people who are aware of those problems and know how to treat their teens and help them to overcome it by time.

People ignore the symptoms of dependency and conformity and how to deal with them.

Literature Review:

Dependency and conformity are serious problems in which teenagers

Suffer from. Although no one knows the exact symptoms of them, how to deal with those problems, or the ways of treatments to help their teens' life and personalities. No one knows what leads to dependent personalities, the cause is unknown.

What is meant by dependent personality disorder?

A person meant to be personally dependent when he feels that he is need to be taken care of and has a fear of being abandoned or separated from important persons in his life.

The dependent behavior is a result of being afraid of doing something by him without the help of others; teens feel that they need someone to assure what they are doing and the decisions they take.

What are the symptoms of dependent personality?

There are many signs that tell that this person is suffering from dependency disorder, in which many people see that these signs or behaviors are normal in such age.

Dependent personality feels:

* Less self-confidence

* Inability to take care of themselves,

* Staying away from responsibility,

* More sensitivity to criticism,

* Fear staying alone.

* Placing the needs of others before their own needs.

* Having a problem disagreeing with others.

* Living in their own imagination

* Seek suicide when depressed.

* Passive in their relationships with others.

* Pessimism

* Minimizing from their abilities and assets

What causes dependency disorder?

Psychologists see that the causes of dependency disorder may be biological and genetic, psychological, or social factors.

Socially such as how



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