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Developing Good Business Sense

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Essay Preview: Developing Good Business Sense

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The business I chose for this assignment where based off the selling of food, Mighty taco (fast food), Subway (fast food), and Moe's (fast food). Mighty taco is a fast food restaurant that sells, well tacos it provides a place to sit and eat it also provides a drive thru for connivance for its costumers, it is also the only company out of the three that provides a drive thru and the other two companies could easily manage a drive though. Subway is a sit down fast food restaurant they provide a variety of different subs, they also provide some soups and salads. Moe's is also a sit down fast food restaurant providing delicious Mexican inspired dishes.

The input operations for these three companies or all centered on the same thing provide high quality fast food at reasonable prices. The employees are organized in an assembly line approach when it comes to preparing the food. The companies use this technique to speed up production on simply made products. Its essay on the employee as well because the he or she may not have to make the entire order they may only have a specific role in the production of that certain item witch can limit employee error.

Subway takes your order and makes the product as you say it to them and you pay after you see the product be made, as you want it. Some people like this approach it tells the customer the company is not afraid to show you how they prepare your food to give the customer a sense of ease. They do pre make their bread and cookies but they are made fresh every day. Most of the time they will make more fresh bread and cookies mid day or when they run out. The ingredients are in front of the worker in what looks to be plastic containers in a refrigerating unit for essay assembly.

Moe's is the only place I have ever been to that will great everyone with a "welcome to Moe's" as soon as you walk in the door. Witch make you feel appreciated jut for walking in the door they use pre made tortilla shells then heat them to order there ingredients are also located in heated trays in front of them and you so you know what you are getting. The chips that they serve with almost everything sold are come in medium size bags that they give them a quick fry and prepare them in batches just as they would with fries in McDonalds.

Might taco take your order, you pay and then they make the order of to the side but still in view of the customer this is the only place I observed that dose not make the product in front of you and then you pay this may not be the best way considering if something's wrong with what was made for the customer than they will not know about it until they eat it. Witch will result in more mistakes. Their ingredients are pre made in heated trays and some product like the jalapeno poppers are pre made and waiting under a heat lamp for sale.



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