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Differences Between Chinese Food and American Food?

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Essay Preview: Differences Between Chinese Food and American Food?

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hdeudud dx I am a student of CVDFR . Good!!!! To begin with, American college students study for graduation, and start to work hard at that time. While the Chinese college students risk their lives to get into college and do not work hard any more after the college entrance examination. In the class, American college students always ask questions to teachers as if they have understood, while the Chinese like to pretend to be understood students and keep silence.

Secondly, the educational systems they received are quite different. The Americans are happy to study, as they can make their minds fly during the hard time, but the Chinese always do "The sea of subjects" to finish one question and are treated as thin ducks by the Chinese teachers.

The American college students are creative, energetic, active, independent, communicating directly, confident, and willing to say "No". And the Chinese college students tend to be full of perseverance, actuality, well-knit system info, humility, connotation, and they would not often say "No" to others.

8.give some example of typical food americans like to eat? how do they differ from chinese food?

hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and pizza apple pie or chocolate chip cookies turkey

"junk food." Potato chips, candy bars, soft drinks are popular

It seems that Cantonese (local Chinese) food centers around just a few ingredients per dish.

In America when I'm cooking I usually use a bunch of different spices. Although the local food here doesn't use as many ingredients it doesn't lack in flavor. I also find that local food is mainly cooked on the stove which often means that it's greasy. I'm not a big fan of the stove I prefer the oven. I like to bake my dishes because I feel that it's less oily and I can also stick it in the oven and do other things while it's cooking. The opposite of this is that ovens usually take a while to cook the food. Stove top food here is cooked relatively quickly and dinner is usually served in the home in less time.



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