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Disney Service Model

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The Disney Service Model is part of the Walt Disney Company is their customer service. They strive for quick resolution of conflicts and are always doing everything possible to keep their guest happy. They offer intangible services that external customers are willing to buy.

Their first approach in customer service is that they start with every customer encounter with a smile. This approach gives their guest a clear expectation and standard in the service that they will receive while staying at their resorts or theme parks. While they encounter their guest they also communicate their expectations through demonstrations, information and examples while making eye contact and use body language which emphasize high touch that makes their guest welcomed through their service oriented staff. It is part of their service that they treat all guests with respect and welcome them openly to Disney World Resorts and Theme Parks.

In valuing the magic of the Walt Disney Company, the company trains their staff to understand the product that they are selling and the meaning of their brand; they communicate the traditions and standard of service to all their staff members including the Company's standard of business conduct and ethics. It is important that they hire and develop the right people in communicating the traditions and history of standards of service to all the staff members. They hold their staff accountable for the response of their customers and guest, which in turn they use to coach and train leaders to be service coach. They use with honest and direct feedback. Their customer service is to initiate guest contact so that their guest feels the passion in the service element that is offered. It is critical to present their customer with excellent customer service.



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