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Dream Case

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Most of the people have dreams. A dream can be said to be a vision or a set of goals or hopes and aspirations. A dream could be about gaining an education, achieving a certain level of success in career, owning a house, focusing on family, particular lifestyle, etc. Whatever it is that dream is an important part of you. The truth is you can dream all day long about something so illusory, but it takes a determination to make a dream come true. For me, dreams are real. I don't see a difference between a dream and the reality. Dreams are just extensions of the so-called reality.My values have always been important to me in making choices and the way I live my life. The first step in going after your dream is to know what you want. To better understand yourself, your family and your professional acquaintances and the world in which you live in.

However, I have always been very clear about what I wanted in life -to be a successful businessman. Ever since I was a boy I wanted to become a businessman mostly because my family has been doing business for years now. Owning a business of a departmental store has been my sole purpose. I always felt that career is something that defines your success. Thus I have always focused on my priorities and valued them i.e., my studies, my career goal and my family just so that it would help me achieve my dream. And also that it is a journey that has several peaks and obstacles that build one after another.

I'm a student at De Anza College enrolled in business major that will help me in achieving my career goal. Being an international student, coming to states and studying to fulfill my dreams has allowed me to gain perspective and experience. I had to struggle and overcome various obstacles on the way to my dreams. Gradually I have started understanding the behavior and work culture of people from different countries which allowed me to gain a broader and diverse outlook needed to understand and cope with the competitive business world in future. This was an enormous change for me. Such diversity helps me to understand and interact with the people around me, giving me creative ideas and a viewpoint on how such ideas will be received while enhancing decision making capabilities. My education and life in here allows me to further increase my understanding different people with social and cultural backgrounds as students of various nationalities come here to study. I've started to develop a better understanding of own self just as King as stated that dreams can also be successful tool to help view an event or a person in a different light "I always used dreams the way you'd use mirrors to look at your hair in the back"(15). Perhaps immense hard work, creative ideas and research is required to fulfill my objectives. This just isn't my dream; it's my parent's dream too to see me succeed who has envisioned on me. I value my parents. My dreams have given me dignified



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