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My Dream Case

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Dream on nov. 12-13

I was at home and my husband was outside riding his skate board and he kept riding back and forth and then mom told him to go away and he didn't and then black Mikaela came and started to flirt but then she stepped back a little cause she saw me and we started talking and he just kind of wondered off and then other people came to my house they needed all these supplies and I forget the rest. Then another dream is were outside of like a movie theater kind of place and the side left door is open but I ignored it and Elena didn't and she kept looking inside and noticed that is was one direction. She walked close by and I saw them but mrs solis noticed us and was getting ready to tell at us but some other girls were screaming so she told all the girls to leave and then she she opened the doors and Elena snuck in with the other girls so I barely made it in. One direction stared to sing and it felt so unreal but it didn't matter so I continued listening to them and h sort of looked at me and so did the others and it was so cool and then I woke up by the stupid alarm. Before the husband dream, I had a dream about my dad and we were at some mall place and I kept messing and playing around with him and savannah asked who he was and I showed her and she was like okay and I just kept playing with him and understood him and there was more but I forgot the rest.



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