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E-Business Description

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E-business description

* Our Company Business is in cement Industry , CEMENTIXX Company , our company objectives is to enhance the use of the technology to be aligned with the company strategy within the coming 5 years

* Our main objective is providing access to services and products on-line , The Customer has the ability to register , inquire and follow up his request details

* The customers can receive written and detailed feedback on their requests, and complaints. This may includes historical consumption, Graphs, etc.

* With the e-selling CEMENTIXX will be the Industry leader in this service.

* The new e-business plans will affect

* Call Centre Staff by increasing the Call Centre efficiency ,

* Customers: With the e-selling available customers no longer need to wait in the Q or front offices to register their orders in times of increased demand.


* The main objective behind the e_Selling website is to cut costs, save time by reducing the call centre received calls.

* This objective is aligned with the overall company objectives to minimize the cost and increase the efficiency , be the market leader in providing the e_Selling services

* According to our research results The e-selling website is welcomed by the new generation of our customer base , while we will face a resistance from the old generation of our customer base due to the limitation of the education level , their own culture.


* The e-Selling website will be the main responsibility of one of the intercompany (IT Company) related to our company

* It will be managed and followed up by the IT and Commercial team.

* A committee from all the involved areas in the organization, in addition to limited and selective number of our customers has to follow up the basic needs to implement and launch the website successfully.

* Committee minutes of meeting has to be communicated, action plan to be updated and preventive and correction actions to be taken.

* an outline of the schedule of the roll-out of the e-business plan



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