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E-Commerce Website

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Forever 21

Introduction of Forever 21

 There are 43 forever 21 stores in Canada and the biggest one is in West Edmonton mall. Forever21 stores and the online e-commerce site provide customers with great experience with low cost and of high quality and variety of costumes for men’s, women’s and girls. Stores in Canada provide 10% special offer only for students.

It is founded by a South Korean husband and wife Do won Chang and Jin Sook who were immigrants in United states. Forever 21 is first launched in Los Angeles in 1984. The duo has just been in U.S for just 3 years when they just opened their first store in Highland park in California. They were able to produce or generate a $ 700,000 in their first year. From there onwards Forever 21 has been an international brand and has 480 stores worldwide and generates more than $3billion in sales yearly and they are the 5th largest retailer store. According to Forbes the Husband and wife’s net worth is $ 4 billion. Their goal is to become a $ 8 billion company and open more 600 stores in the coming three years. What keeps them on the market is their focus in customer more than on the company. Customers are always on their number one priority and that is the reason why they have a large customer base and the reason for their success.

Why is it a Good E-commerce website?

Their reason behind the success of their e-commerce site is they are reputable store.

  1. New collections- Forever 21 brings in new collection and models of dresses to the store. The moto of the firm is “Every day something new “which attracts customers.  The profit making policy of the stores and e-commerce site is Buy it now or it is gone which means there are lot of peoples in the wait for trying new stuffs coming in the store. The founder of the firm Mrs. Chang is the person who brings in new collections and he reviews more than 400 designs in a day.
  2. It is Fast – When new fashion or trendy stuff arises in the market and in catwalk forever 21 will be the first to have it. They are fast in bringing in new stuffs in to the stores. Whenever a customer wants to try a new trend which come up in catwalk or in movies or new design make by designer. Forever 21 will be the first to have it.
  3. It is Cheap-  Forever 21 stores and e-commerce site give out products at a very low price. You can’t find anything in the website or in the store priced below 60$. This is one of the main reason why customers choose forever21 over any other online shopping sites. You can get your favorite stuffs and trendy things which makes you look very good at a very reliable price.
  4.  Customer Focus- How Forever 21 started is from customer service. It listens to what customer says. It takes reviews and feedbacks from online very50  5t seriously and try to modify it. Mr. Chang the founder asks customers in the stores about what is that they are looking for and if it is not in their in store he would get that thing as soon as possible. This is same what comes in the E-commerce website. The main reason for the success is customer focus.
  5. Plus sizes – Big size dresses are often very difficult to find in stores or in online sites. The maximum a shop or store will have is 3xl or 2xl which cannot be worn by a person whose size is bigger than 3xl like for example who require 4xl size. Forever 21 provides you with variety of big size fashion trends.
  6. Refund policy- Forever 21 has a refund policy within 30 days for exchange, credit or refund within 30 days of the ship date. There refunds policy is efficient and the payment is made as soon as the delivery is returned to the store.



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