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Each and Every one of Us Has Our Own Strengths and Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Each and Every one of Us Has Our Own Strengths and Weaknesses

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We are humans. Naturally, each and every one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. That weakness is what hinders you from your true potential. But what's important is how you stand against all odds and defeat that fear that stands in your way. Acceptance of everything that you are, and everything that you aren't is when you will truly find the happiness and fulfillment that you seek.

I could name an extended list of all my weaknesses, but the thing I experience almost every day that I'm most anxious about would be public speaking. I feel like I'm shaking, my hands are sweating and my feet are quivering with trepidation. Public speaking comes effortlessly and easily to some people, and I always wonder how they do it- how they could say the right words without any dull moments and "but uhms." And how come when it's my turn to talk in front of a crowd, my mind just goes blank and I end up saying things that don't even make any sense? Public speaking, to me, is worse than watching a horror movie.

Aside from having a weakness, I also have my strength. God is what serves as my ultimate and unwavering strength. His relentless love and goodness is what binds me to hope and the thought of never ever giving up especially when times are disastrous. He serves as the hand I hold in my journey of existence, and even though the ground is shaking and winds are breaking, He never lets me go. Problems are inevitable but if God is with me, what could stand against?

Most of the events in life that you'll encounter wouldn't be all bump-free and smooth going. It will certainly be a challenge, no doubt! However, the things that don't go how you want them to would depend on how you deal with it-if you want to keep playing or if you want to win. Focus on your strengths and not dwell so much on your weaknesses. Once you find a strength that's paramount to any other, you'll do just fine in this unescapable truth we call life.



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