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My Strengths and Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: My Strengths and Weaknesses

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My strengths and weaknesses are show through the tested components.

Height: I believe my height is one of my strong points. 1.76.5 cm is clearly above the average height of a 15 yr old and has many advantages

Weight: I am convinced that my weight lets me down quite a lot. The average 15 yr old boy averages a weight of 52 kg. My weight is far beyond the average which is a disadvantage because my weight slows me down in my ability to sprint and jump

Resting Heart Rate: My heart rate is certainly not one of my strong points. The lower your heart rate is, the more fit your body and lungs are. The average resting heart rate for a 15 yr old boy is 70-80. My resting heart rate is 84 bpm. Although I'm just over the average, doesn't mean that it is good. Michael Phelps average heart rate is 32 bpm. Therefore I need to concentrate on my fitness to bring my resting heart rate down

Cardio-vascular Endurance: My cardio-vascular endurance is highly above average. In my beep test I scored 11.3. The average of a 15 yr old male is 7-9. As it turned out to be, my score is relatively close to Michael Phelps score currently and was better than his when he was my age

Flexibility: Among the two tests of flexibility, I was above average for both although my flexibility is not great in my hamstrings

Power: I believe I exceeded far above everyone else in these two tests. I believe I can draw a lot of power from my leg and arms and can use them to the best of my ability. The average score for the standing broad jump is 1.6-1.8m. I clearly exceeded the average.

Speed: I think speed is one of my above average points. For the 30m sprint test I achieved 4.18 seconds which is far above average for a 15 yr old. I can also beat Michael Phelps in the 30m sprint test.

Agility: Agility is also one of my key strong points. I also exceeded in this test as the average across the world for a 15 yr old is 16-18 sec and I got 13.28 which even passes the excellent benchmark of bellow 15 seconds

Muscular strength: I believe I have a lot of muscular strength but when doing push ups my weight lets me down.

Muscular Endurance: I think I have a lot of muscular endurance as well. For this test, I reached the maximal limit without going to full capacity, Therefore I believe that muscular endurance is one of my strong points.


Cardio-vascular Endurance: CV Endurance is the ability f the heart, blood vessels and lungs to provide oxygen to muscles during physical activity for a long period of time. The beep test was relevant because it tests how long you could run with an increasing speed, it tested the strength of your bodies ability to sustain vigorous activity



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