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Strengths Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Strengths Weaknesses

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* Strong brand identity

* Trusted and valued by consumers

* Superior product quality, taste and texture which is difficult for competitors to imitate as its family owned

* Longer product shelf of 50 days as opposed to competitors shelf life of 30 days

* Product has unique health properties such as improved digestion and calcium

* Strong relationships in natural food market retailers such as Wild Oats and Whole Foods

* Channel leader in natural goods, accounting for 24% of market share

High revenue growth over past 10 years from $100,000 to $13M

* Not use of hormones or additives

* Consumers of organic foods are not as price sensitive and therefore willing to pay more for a superior product


* Not ventured into the supermarket channel

* Relatively undeveloped brand

* Small player in the overall yoghurt product market

* High dependence on distribution relationships

* Difficult to compete with major players who already have a well-established position in the supermarket channel


* High potential for growth in the supermarket channel

* Possibility to reach an entirely new target segment

* Brand expansion and/or extension

* Lower product costs

* Natural/organic food industry expected to grow by 20% by 2003

* Potential to expand into special foods market with gluten free/lactose free yoghurt substitutes

* Similar natural food brands such as Silk Soymilk and Amys Organic Foods had successfully expanded their distribution to the supermarket channel and increased revenues by over 200%



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