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Ece 5950 Movie Documentation

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ECE 5950 Movie Documentation                        Name: Abhay Aithal[pic 1]


Traveler’s Guide to the Planets, National Geographic, 2010,

Movies & TV->Travelers Guide to the Planets, Season 1, Instant Video

Complete report, print and 1) submit in class, also 2) upload on Connect.

Provide the following information for six presenters in the movie: (Insert comment text in the fields below, using MSWord.  Print report and submit in class.)

Presenter’s name

Full job title

Briefly describe the work that they do

Dr John Spencer

Planetary Scientist, Southwest Reearch Institute

Cloud structure of Jupiter

Prof. Andy Ingersoll

Planetary Scientist, CALTECH

The Weather (Climatic conditions) of Jupiter

Dr Torrence Johnson

Planetary Scientist,NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Edit the research on I.O. moons.

Dr Scott Bolton

Principle Ivestigator, Juno Mission

He extended the Galileo's proposal and worked on it.

David H Levy

Comet hunter

He worked on the comets.

Dr Claudia Alexander

Planetary Scientist,NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Magnetic Spheres of Jupiter

Provide answers to the following questions:

1. State the purpose of the Galileo mission:

To investigate the magnetism of Jupiter, the reasons behind the various natures of it's moons and also to explore what was there beneath the clouds.

2. State three physical characteristics of Jupiter

1. Intense Magnetic Field

2. Very Big

3. Planet of gases

3. The Juno mission will answer what 2 questions concerning Jupiter’s formation?

1. How the Planets were formed

2. The temprature of solar system when it was first formed



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