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Economics Case

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Systems design is the process of defining the structure/make-up, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system in order to complete the specified requirements neccessary. Parts within the systems design are the requirements analysis, which is to analyze the needs of the end users or customers. Also included is benchmarking, which is an evaulation of the system and how it is currently performing. Another part of systems design is the systems architecture, which is where the specifications for the hardware, software, system configuration, algorithms, procedures, people and data resouces are located. The data and component design are included in the systems design. The component design is where services are distributed to different components and the interfaces of these components are designed. There is a systems design document which has 7 steps. The first step is overview, which is system objectives are stated and the system contraints, limitations, scope, hardware and software are figured further out. The second step is data design, which is where the data objectives and structure are done. The third step is architecture design which is where the sub-system making up the system and their relationships are identified and documented. The forth step is interface design, which is where the external, internal and human computer interface are. The fifth step is procedural design which is where the structure chart is located. The sixth step is requirements and the seventh step is test/benchmark provisions. As for the next part of systems design, the coding is done. The PDLs or program description languages use control and structuring constructs based on programming language constructs. They also allow explanatory text and other types of statements to be used. This makes it possible for the system designers to have what they really intened rather than the details of how design is to be implemented. System testing is yet anoither part of systems design where everything in the system is evaulated and gone over. Responsibilities of a systems analyst include the analysis of the current system, the conversion of the requirements specified for the system, and coming up with and implementing the solutions from the business and technical aspect.



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