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Economics: The Financing of Healthcare

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Essay Preview: Economics: The Financing of Healthcare

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Health Care Reform Project, Part 1

Amecia Williams


Economics: The financing of Healthcare


Michele Burka

        Not only are there more senior citizens, but they are living longer.  In the past 100 years life expectancy has increased by nearly 30 years.  Men born in 1900 could expect to live until age 48, but by 2000, men’s life expectancy had jumped to 74.  Women could expect to live 51 years of age but as 200, their life expectancy has also jumped to 74 years, and by 2050, the average woman may make it to age 86(men can expect to live to age 80).  Not only does this change the healthcare field, however it is a responsibility of the family to ensure health care is provided for their mothers, father, grandmother, and grandfather.  

        Every year the health care expenses rise tremendously due to the growth and aging of the population. However the percentage contribution of these factors declined between 1970 and 1990 and a continued decline through 2005.  Nursing home and elderly retirement homes are packed to capacity but there are few healthcare professionals.  Which brings us to where we are now, the effects of aging and population growth on health care.  


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