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One of the biggest issues in the country today is the issue which stems from racial differences. So, in order for this curriculum to fully make sense, there would have to be an assumption to take in to consideration. That assumption is that all the special needs children in the class have only physical disabilities and no mental condition that can affect their ability to participate and learn just as much as the other students.

Second grade is considered a grade in which the basic fundamentals needed for a student to comprehend and differentiate are taught. Since there is a huge cultural difference in the classroom, this will come into play as a strong resource. This leads to the Language Arts part of the curriculum. All assignments that should be taught in English can be taught as scheduled, but they can be taught in Spanish as well. This is resourceful due to the fact that the most common language in America besides English is Spanish. The fact that there are Hispanic oriented students in the class pulls an advantage in. Most students at this age who are of Hispanic orientation tend to be bilingual. These students in turn can be the "word helpers" who help the other kids in the class to speak Spanish, and the students who speak English can do vice versa. All of this in part is beneficial because not only am I introducing the students to the different languages but it also being exercised in a way of its own through peer conversation. Between the different bilingual exercises and the peer interaction among themselves, the students chances of becoming bilingual increase. This strategy can also be applied to the other nationalities languages as well giving the students exposure to different languages between their own cultures in the classroom environment. There can be a series of coloring books, stories, writing exercises, and musical exercises as well used to aid with this portion of the curriculum.

For the Social Studies portion of the curriculum different rules must apply in order to educate the students. There can be a certain amount of time designated to each nationality of the students. For each nationality, there can be a series of games, worksheets, and projects created to explore the different nationalities of each. Let's use the Asian students for example. One major event in the Asian culture is the Chinese New Year. All of the students can be assigned a project to celebrate the Chinese New Year and show why it's celebrated. For the Spanish culture, "The Day of the Dead", Dia Los Muertos, can be celebrated. There can be activities in which the students make dishes in class in remembrance of the holiday and share them amongst each other in the class. There can be show and tell and items can be brought in that represent something from which ever culture is being explored at the time.

The Special Olympics can be celebrated by the class as well, which could help the students with



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