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Emotional Personal Journals

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Essay Preview: Emotional Personal Journals

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Tuesday, November 18th- 7

        Track started yesterday and I have it all this week. I’m not really looking forward to it, but it will be good for me. It has been a decent day, but I didn’t sleep well last night so I don’t feel like being in school. It would be bad if I didn’t have my friends around as a pick me up. School would be 10 times worse if I didn’t have my friends around.

Wednesday, November 19th- 8

        I actually got a good sleep last night and picked out my outfit so I’m feeling good today. I’m in a great mood and just all around content with everything. I have track after school and Ashlee and I agreed to go to the weight room after practice to work out so I’m looking forward to it. To top it off, American Horror Story comes on tonight which is my favorite show.

Thursday, November 20th- 8

        Well I didn’t sleep well because not only did I stay up to watch American Horror Story, but I stayed up even after that for no particular reason. Track today is probably going to be a harder work out because yesterday was easy in a way, but I’m still going to go to the weight room after. At least tomorrow is Friday.

Friday, November 21st- 9

        It’s Friday and I don’t have a lot of homework which means I’ll be able to go where and do something tonight. But before that I have track practice and am working out after school. Plus after working out I am going to throw a baseball around with Joe for a while. Nothing interesting has really happened in school but it hasn’t been a bad day so far.

Saturday, November 22nd- 10

        I did nothing but relax today. I even skipped soccer practice this morning because no one could take me. Mom made oyster po’boys for dinner tonight for my friend Natalie and I. Natalie came home from college yesterday which is really exciting because I barely see her anymore. We’re going to go shopping tonight and then I am going to spend the night at her house which should be a good time.

Sunday, November 23rd- 8

        Last night was a lot of fun, but I stayed up way too late and I have to go to soccer practice later. It wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t all the way in Hagerstown. Plus, I’m not in the best mood because my mom made me leave Natalie’s house earlier than I needed to. So I’ve been sitting at home bored to death and doing absolutely nothing for the last two hours.

Monday, November 24th- 6

        I’m tired because I saved all of my homework for last night which was a mistake. It’s a Monday and the day just seems to be dragging on as if it will never end. But, one and a half more days and then Thanksgiving break will be here, I’ll make it. Right now though, I just want to make it through track so I can go to the weight room and work out and then go outside and play soccer even though it’s freezing out. I don’t care if it’s cold, I would do anything to have a break from school work.



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