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Employee Retention and Performance Appraisals

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Essay Preview: Employee Retention and Performance Appraisals

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"Employee Retention and Performance Appraisals "

•Speculate on three (3) reasons that employees may leave and three (3) reasons employees may stay with an organization. Outline a retention strategy that HR could use in order to decrease the three (3) reasons you mentioned that employees may be leaving.

  1. An employees may leave there job if management at additional job responsibilities to a job description making the position to overwhelming. According to Forbes Magazine management over load their employees with too many responsibilities. Editor Eric Jackson states “In cut after cut, there’s a constant job staffing question: how do we get the same amount of stuff done with fewer employees to do it? The simple answer has been to get the remaining employees to do the job of 2 or 3 old employees, in addition to the regular job responsibilities they used to have” (Jackson)
  2. Employees who are not happy with their financial status may leave there employment to seek another position with higher wages or benefits.
  3. Employees who perceive that there no career growth within the company will leave there job to seek a company that has higher potential for career growth and promotions.

Employees may stay with an organization for the following reason.

  1. Employees may stay at an organization because of their compensation and benefits.
  2. Employees stay with their organization because they feel comfortable with their work and the company respects the employee’s job duties.
  3. Employees stay with organizations that invest in their employee’s future by providing promotional advances and job growth.

Human resources retention plan to prevent employees from leaving the organization would involve investment and competitive compensation. First, before adding addition duties to an employee job description management must analyze the effects and decide if there is a need for a new position to be posted. If the organization budget does not have the funds to create a new position, the organization should considered equally distributing responsibilities among management and employees. Next, as a HR strategy I would research the competition and there competitive advantages i.e. compensation, benefits, employees programs, etc. I will create a dashboard and prepare the data our stakeholders and management with the hopes of keeping retention low. In the final phase, our organization with invest in employees first. When the company promotes or offer job training management will chose from employees who are currently working with the organization. By sticking to the retention plan employees will be motivate and encourage to stay with the organization.

  1. •Go to the Chron’s Website to read the article titled “The Pros & Cons of Performance Appraisal Methods”, located at Determine three (3) reasons that employees may react negatively to performance appraisals and examine the validity of the employees’ position from the perspective of a manager.

  1. Employees react negatively to performance appraisal because they believe there pay raises or bonus is reflected by the outcome of the appraisal.
  2. Employees may react negatively to performance appraisal because they are being rated by personnel who have never met them or who do not know the responsibilities of the position.  
  3. Employee may react negatively to performance appraisal because of negative and judgmental views of the evaluator.

Performance appraisals should be basis and should be perform by evaluators who understands your position with an organization. According to (Robert L. Mathis) the object of an employee appraisal to identify and measure employee performance which could result in positive or negative feedback with the intentions of motivating the employees so that the company receive maximum output. From a manager perspective feedback should come in a positive perspective by indicating a clear passage of what expected by the employer. The manager must identify positive measure of an employees and suggest how to achieve career development.



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