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Employee Reviews on Shopping Sites

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March 8, 2016

To: All Employees

From: Martha Smith

Subject: Employee Reviews on Shopping Sites

I thank you for your time and contribution on delivering new ideas for business development, and making sure there was a finished product to put out in the marker. However, it has been put out there by Sarah Sanders that we should falsify reviews in order to boost the sales. I would have liked to address this in a private conversation, but since it has already pitched to everyone via email, I have no choice but to respond the same way as well. With that being said, I do not condone, nor would I be able to appreciate fake reviews on our products. It would be unethical to implement this idea for business practices and could highly impact the organization’s reputation.

I believe it is very important for you to understand why product reviews cannot be manipulated. The posting on product reviews should be genuine and honest, as this has an impact on the other customers and the company. Genuine reviews by true customers would help us to improve our products in ways that could turn our one time customers into lifetime customers. It would help improve in areas we may have over looked and will allow us to come back stronger when new products are put out. If word was to ever get out that our reviews were falsified and created by employees, this would ruin my business.

It is necessary for all of us to understand that our responsibility does not end when making a customer purchase the product one time with us. If we want long term success, it is important to gain customer satisfaction with the right practices.

I am disappointed that this has even been a topic of discussion because I believe that our products are good enough to withstand our competition. And if I believe in I, you should too.


Marth Smith, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

R&D Inc.

Phone: 281-555-9900 Fax:281-555-9901

NSG Corporation

1558 Main Street, Suite 820

Houston, Texas 77090



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