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As Mathian strolled through the parking lot of Wells Fargo Financial anger and frustration got ahold of his mind. Four years had passed since he lost his banking job there after trading. He used have a home, family, and a heavy stomach but now it was gone. He was living at the top of the world until that faithful day when he was caught. A large fine had been given and a job removed. Mathian had spent the final dollar in his account paying for a one night motel yesterday, after he was evicted from his apartment. And tonight he would be sleeping on the streets. Unless he could find cash.

Haunting memories of his time in the financial offices at Wells Fargo drifted into his head as he finished his walk by the building. He remembered the long hours on the phone, the restless nights on the computer it was a difficult time, but it did leave him with a life of pleasure. A nice house, a sporty car, and designer clothes. Regret fill his heart as he remembers how his greed caused him to take a turn for the worst.

At intersection of price st and Davis rd Mathian noticed a couple pf street performers making a couple of bucks. The issue was he didn’t know how to play any instruments and if he did he probably couldn’t afford it. Then a couple of beggers wandered in front the small crowd the street performers drew. Mathian had considered begging the night before but he didn’t want to steep that low. Then it hit him. No useful idea had made its way to Mathian’s, No idea until now.

His third year at wells fargo Mathian entered as a financial superstar. After his first year he showed so much promise he bank sent to business school for a year. After coming back Mathian added a bit to his ego after finishing best in his class at Wharton and created a decent sum of cash by investing in several different stocks.

In second his second year Mathian worked for a senior director in his office and made so much money for the company that the executive leadership in the company had to promote him. One business executive had seen his promise and decided to take him under his wing. This executive was senior Vp for Wells Fargo David Price.

When Mathian heard about his promotion he knew he would be at the top of the pyramid very soon

A bank robbery. It had been all Mathian knew. He had practicallty lived at work. He knew the inside of the building like the back of his hand@#$$$. It was simple in his mind. The bank had a couple ATM’s at the back of the building. There where was very minimal security there because there wasn’t much money in the ATM’s, but more than enough for him to get by. He knew the password to gain entry to building and had witnessed the .



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