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English 10 Persuasive Essay - No More Outsourcing

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Essay Preview: English 10 Persuasive Essay - No More Outsourcing

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Meighan Wood English 10 Persuasive Essay

Jobs for Americans are becoming extinct. Yes, with how many American built companies are lying of hundreds to thousands of workers so they can shut down factories here, and send them to places like china and India. Why you ask, well let's see it's cheaper to do so rather than keep Americans out of the unemployment line. Other countries exploit their people so badly that they work for a dollar a day maybe, for 16 hour or more work days so we can have cheap cars, power tools, clothes, food, and even banks .

Speaking of banks one bank that has started to outsource is a complete contradiction of its self. Bank of America announced the starting of outsourcing to India in 2003. The minimum of employs in India they want is 1,000, but was estimating having 1,500 employs by the end of 2005 ( That's 1,500 Americans who could be employed right now had the Bank of America not outsourced.

The unemployment rate in America as a whole is 9.2%. Doesn't seem like much right? Well look at it this way Pennsylvania has 7.4% unemployed, Virginia has 6%, and Alabama is up to 9.6% of the population unemployed(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). So many people throughout the country are living on the streets, trying to cover all the bills with just unemployment, or worse. What is the government doing to help this nothing? They aren't creating any more jobs and the more companies outsource the more people who will be out on the streets.

Other companies who have started outsourcing are AT&T, Best Buy, Black & Decker, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Direct TV, Ford Motor, Fruit of the Loom, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Mellon Bank, and Nabisco (CNN). These companies are not helping their country; in fact they are doing the complete opposite! By outsourcing they are keeping Americans out of jobs and intern hurt themselves as well. With every one unemployed there's no money to put into the economy plus there are many people out there who have started to boycott companies for the soul reason that they do outsource.

Another company who layed off hundreds of people in order to outsource is AOL. AOL is one of the leaders in the internet from email, aim, music, movies, and news. They were also one of the helpers in the start of the internet. AOL's posted job listings seeking a global manager to put a software development team together in the U.S, Dublin, Ireland, and Bangalore. The posting was put up shortly after AOL fired hundreds of engineers at its Netscape communications unit in Mountain View California and other west coast offices (Hu, Jim, and Evan Hansen).

So think about this America this county is so far down the tubes because of our economy, so why is it a good idea to for these companies to keep outsourcing and taking money out of America's pocket? I think not, if



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