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Epc Contractors and Subcontractors Plan Case

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1.1 General

This document describes the XXXX Refinery Expansion Project, Project Management Consultant (PMC) Construction Quality Assurance activities to be implemented for the scope of work for the Project. It provides CORPO2 and the PMC personnel with a description of site construction (including offsite module yard and other onshore fabrication sites) QA surveillance activities to be performed by the PMC related to the monitoring and oversight of inspection and test activities being performed by construction contractors, subcontractors and suppliers during the execution of the Project. The plan also provides direction to the PMC Team members when conducting surveillance activities to assure compliance with project quality and technical requirements.

The plan shall be supported by the use of established procedures, specifications and work instructions.

1.2 General Description of the Project

The Project scope includes the design, procurement, construction and commissioning, start-up and performance testing of new and revamped units for the CORPO2 Refinery located in XXXX, CCCC.


The Primary Objective of the PMC site QA team is to ensure that the construction work (including module fabrication and assembly as well as onshore pipe and structural steel and other fabrication) complies with specifications, drawings, standards, codes, and is performed in a safe and professional manner.

Key controls are:

* Ensuring that the EPC Contractors and Subcontractors implement a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the appropriate part of ISO 9001 applicable to the scope of their work, such system:

* Clearly specifying installation, inspection and testing requirements

* Using the change management process to proactively communicate changes.

* Identifying and resolving nonconforming product and work processes

* Maintaining quality records for construction, field and offsite fabrication, field procurement, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and performance testing

* Monitoring, surveillance and audit of inspection and testing activities


3.1 Quality Assurance (QA)

All those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a project or service will satisfy given requirements for quality e.g. system review and audit for compliance with the Quality Management System.

3.2 Quality Control (QC

The operational techniques and activities that ensure the product or service meet the specified requirements, e.g. surveillance, inspection, and testing, design/technical reviews/checks.

3.3 Inspection

Activities such as measuring, examining, testing, gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service and comparing these with specified requirements to determine conformity.

3.4 Surveillance

In respect to this plan surveillance refers to the oversight, monitoring or "watching over" of inspection, testing or other construction related activities being performed by others.

3.5 Product

A generic term used to denote: hardware, software, services, document, samples, etc., being anything produced and the output from any process.

3.6 Concession: Waiver: Deviation:

Written authorization per established procedures to use or release equipment, material or components which do not conform to the specified requirements.

3.7 Non-conformance

The non-fulfillment of a specified project, Customer, design or code requirement.


4.1 The EPC Contractors shall provide adequate staff and facilities to perform the required quality control inspection, testing and related activities. All Lead/Key QA/QC personnel shall be subject to review and approval by CORPO2 and the PMC.

4.2 Each EPC Contractor and Subcontractor shall assure competency of QA/QC and Inspection personnel assigned to the project by the implementation of an approved competency management policy and procedure.

4.3 Qualified individuals shall be assigned to function as the EPC Contractors' Site QA/QC Manager and as the Module Fabrication QA/QC Manager. The EPC Contractors shall provide a description of the proposed QA/QC organization that will perform quality activities along with resumes of the proposed QA/QC Managers and any other key positions. CORPO2 and PMC reserve the right to reject the proposed QA/QC Managers, and discipline inspectors. A narrative description of the roles and responsibilities of these personnel and a man-loaded schedule for their project assignments shall be provided.

4.4 EPC Contractors shall have Quality representatives at the work location during all working hours and shall designate alternate individuals to assume responsibilities in the temporary absence of the QC representative or when overtime or shift work is



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