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Essay on Born of Man and Woman

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Essay Preview: Essay on Born of Man and Woman

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Born of Man and Woman

This short story is about a child living a terrible life. We are not aware of who the child is, in the story, we are not aware if the child is a little boy or a little girl, yet we get to know the age (p.1. line 57).  I will assume the character as a “he”.

The main character is living with both his parents in a house, the weather is beautiful yet the protagonist never went outside, making him unaware of the outside world.  He is chained up in the attic, and he barely looks out of the window because the chain is too tight. One day his mother loosens up the chain and lets him look out the window, on a sunny day (p.1 line 17-24). The main character mentions the sun as the gold in the upstairs, upstairs meaning the sky and gold as they sun. He doesn’t know much about the world or anything at all, he never got outside so he doesn’t know anything about the human connection, or the social construct. The main character names the cars as a machine that swallows people (p.1 line 26). He calls other people as “smaller mothers and fathers”.

Yet the protagonist’s sad life doesn’t end there, he also gets beaten up by his parents making him scared of them. Despite of getting abused by his parents, his parents are the ones being scared, they treat him as a monster, because he technically is. The main character is revealed to be inhuman and have a spider-like construct, crawling on walls on all 4 legs. In the end, he gets enough and as he says

“I will show them. I will do what I did that once. I will screech and laugh loud. I will run on the walls. Last, I will hang head down by all my legs and laugh and drip green all over until they are sorry they didn't be nice to me. If they try to beat me again Ill hurt them. I will.” (L.120-125)

Meaning he truly got enough and wants vengeance. The main character goes through a big development, he starts innocent and scared, to having enough and wanting his parents hurt or even dead. Truly it’s not the protagonist’s fault, the parents did not treat him right the whole life, they were too scared to let him be himself and now they are going to live with the pain he is going to cause them for their actions.



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