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Essay on Marketing Communication Fields

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Essay Preview: Essay on Marketing Communication Fields

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Table of content:

1. Aim

2. Structure

3. Introduction of the company

4. Current marketing communication tools

a. Product

b. Price

c. Promotion

d. Place

5. Developing effective communication:

a. Step 1.

b. Step 2.

c. Step3.

d. Step 4.

e. Step 5.

f. Step 6.

6. Sueggestions, Ideas


In this writing assignment I would like to present the topic of marketing communication fields through a local small company in order to give a very detailed, specific picture about marketing communication. Every science can be taught most efficiently if we explain the facts through an example. So now I'm going to discuss the most important marketing communication elements with presenting a local pub and pizzeria, called EBATTA.


First I would like to introduce this company, in order to have an insight what it is doing, who are the consumers, what facilities they have to expand market and what is its target group.

Then I'm going to list what marketing communication tools they use currently, and try to explain these tools. This will be the longest part of my 'presentation'.

In the last part I will suggest additional ideas, what other tools they could use, and I also want to evaluate the present marketing communication elements of that company.

Introduction of the company:

First of all I think I have to mention some facts about the town where this company is acting. It is placed in Százhalombatta, 30kms far from Budapest, along the River Danube. The population is about 18,000. The town consists of four main parts, the Old Town, the new built Suburban, the housing estate and the territory of the Danube called Dunafüred in Hungarian. It means that there are three parts where there can only be found quite big bungalows. I need to add that the real estate prices are high relative to other smaller cities in the county; also the flats and houses are expensive. What I wanted to express with these data, that the living standard in this town is quite high, and that there are a lot of families living here, at least four generations constitute the population. It makes easier to identify the target group, which will be discussed later.

So about the company: the name is E-Batta kultúrkocsma and pizzéria, in English it means that it is a pub and pizzeria in one building, but it is also a restaurant and a teahouse. Locally it can be found at the centre of Százhalombatta next to the head square, it can be easily found even if the costumer doesn't know the town very well. Two years ago there was a big renovation when they developed the kitchen, I mean the equipments, and made distinguished places for smokers and non-smokers, and also a stage, so now it is the place where we can take part in stand-up comedy shows and concerts as well. There is a terrace where almost 100 persons can have their dinner. The style is a little bit retro, there are old tables on the wall and posters can be found also and there are old wooden desks. At this point I would like to advert to the target group. As I mentioned in the town there are four generations living, and of course the objective is to gain the attention even more people, so that's why the style is retro, it catches the eye of middle-aged people, and also of the young generation, because nowadays retro is a fashion. They offer different events such as these concerts, called Free Stage, where local bands can freely show what they can. There are smoker and non-smoker segmentations inside the pub. They offer a menu of a normal restaurant, besides the main product is pizza, and it shows also that they want to reach all kind of costumers and satisfy even more preferences. And they work as a pub as well, which is very popular among those people who like alcohol. So target group is almost all people in Százhalombatta, and of course from other places as well, it is very attractive for tourists.

This was the general introduction about the pub, the most important things to know. And now I move to the 'professional' part.

Current marketing communication tools:

In this part I need to clear some basic definition first of all what marketing communications is: 'Marketing communications is a subset of the overall subject area known as marketing. Marketing has a marketing mix that is made of price, place, promotion, product (know as the four P's), that includes people, processes and physical evidence, when marketing services (known as the seven P's).'

(Int 1 (online) Available at: Accessed: 03.05.2011.))

So in this part I say everything about this company's products, pricing strategies, used channels, promotion of the company, its customers, processes and its physical evidence.

1. products and services:

The main product is pizza, as it is known as a pizzeria, but they sell also all dishes, soups, meats, fishes, pastas etc. and desserts as well, and of course many types of drinks, wines, short drinks, soft drinks, beers and cocktails. If we want to place it in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs it is on the lowest level, so these are basic biological needs, food, drink. But on the other hand it has an entertaining service as well, they organize stand-up comedies and concerts, which activities could be placed on the third level of Maslow's pyramid, because it refers to the consumers' liking and belonging needs, because it touches people's emotions, tastes, preferences. Music is an important part of people's life, and humor is also such a thing that almost everybody likes. According to personal experience I can state that the quality of the served foods is excellent. There is also a completing service for the restaurant part, you can order you food to eat it at home, or where you want and they also work a delivering service. Above a given amount of money you spent (850 HUF) the restaurant delivers the order freely inside Százhalombatta. As it gives such products (and a services) which cannot



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