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Integrated Marketing Communication

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Essay Preview: Integrated Marketing Communication

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Brief opening

IMC campaign is a set of interrelated and coordinated integrated marketing communication activities that center on a particular theme or idea that appears in different media across a specified time period. The central message exist that will be communicated in all of the various IMC activities (Belch & Belch, 2007). Integrated marketing communication is concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines ...and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communications impact (Puscas, 2010). For every business to be successful, it must have a good IMC campaign hence it would serve as heart of every business as it build popularity to the product been produced as well as company image to the entire environment.

Introduction to three IMC campaign

Kenol Kobil is an oil marketing company that uses IMC campaign called "cares for you" to build its reputation publicly and to market its product in order to catch more customers to boost their revenues in general. The campaign is for marketing a category to create a primary demand. The campaign are widely used to develop, improve and increase quality and total value of the products that enhances the company to be a market leader through continuous innovation, customer focus and to provide the highest quality products. In addition, it leads to eye catching product in all their markets that make them marketer of choice among their customers. Refer to appendix 1.1A

The IMC campaign used by Nokia Company is "Nokia connecting people" to create sense of touch in the consumers' mind that will further enhance abundant marketing on the Nokia brand. The promotion generate marketing brand that is Nokia phone which establishes selective demand among the consumers. Refer to appendix 1.2A

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is world organization that applies the campaign commonly known to be "unite for children". As the campaign suggests it is more concern on the children affairs to create the importance of child. The promotion fosters marketing social change (social marketing) that increase support towards child rights. It focuses more on the developing countries to tackle problem that impact harshly on children by undertaking programs in the field of child labor and the removal of land mines.

IMC campaign choice

The above three campaign are more or less relevant to the world today's situation and it all entails the day to day operation although in different field with different approaches. The campaign "cares for you" is more of facilitating the efficient daily operation by making the transport easier and faster effectively. "Nokia connecting people" Ease and managed to predict and satisfy consumers' needs of the communication, anywhere, anytime contact - with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives (Daga, 2007). These resolve the issue of the communication between different regions and people at large and enhance the instant communication feedback and interaction without need to travel. Moreover, "unite for children" campaign help to build the world the need to realize the right of every child for better human progress through child caring.

Target audience

The "cares for you" campaign covers its target audience in various dimensions like demographic segmentation to focus mainly on high income (middle and upper class e.g. people with vehicles, factories & industries) earners and geographic dimension to aim at socio-economic status of the market to concentrate more on the regional levels (Lee, 2004). They sell their lubricants to their retail customers through their Service Station networks as well as through appointed resellers and moreover they had distribution trucks.

The campaign "Nokia connecting people" segments its market to target specific demographic groups such as youth and professionals. The youth market are convince that the handset provides entertainment services like MP3 players, short message services, chatting, mobile gaming and handset design look cool. For professional users, the campaign capture they attention in that the Nokia brand provide the ability to remotely access their data and files through the handset in addition to important features like Calendars, conference schedules, e-mails, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheet, and word processing documents that are obtained with the touch of a button. Moreover, it has means to transfer information from them to a computer or PDA that enable professional users to pay premium prices for convenience which in turn increase Nokia's huge margins (Isaacs, 2001).

The "Unite for children" IMC campaign analyze the market into two main dimensions such that under demographic segmentation the campaign covers the target audience according to gender and age, in that the campaign focuses on the female child right more than male child where an internal campaign called "Go girls" was established to aim at female child education. But generally the campaign targets a child (below the age of 18 years). Geographically, the campaign was on the regional aspect to create abundant awareness and fight against child right e.g. developing countries.

Marketing and communications objectives

"Cares for you"

Marketing objectives:

 The campaign aim to increase sales volume of the oil fuel by 30% within a month

 Boost market share of the Kenol Kobil Company by 50% in a year.

 Satisfy customers by meeting the nature and the needs of the target market and company objectives by 60% during the year.

 Ensure multiple consumer reach for about 70% within the target segment during one year.

Communication objectives;

 Generate adequate awareness amongst 80% of its target audience.

 Develop product launch among 60% of target market.

 Establish or regain 50% trust amongst target segment.

 Create drive action/traffic by 30% among the target consumers.



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