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Marketing Essay

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Marketing is very important subject in any company whether it is real estate business of tele communication or others in any it is essential to know various application of marketing strategy and all other related factor of marketing.There are a lot of related factor in marketing such as marketing mix- product price place and promotion, various promotional tools,advertising,segmentation,positioning,marketing strategy, demerketing, marketing philosophy,degree of standardization, various promotional tools , middleman selection - vertical integration, horizontal integration, country variables,firm variables,marketing mix program variables,promotional mix, degree of standardization, marketing management etc.I think for a successful marketing team all those factor are related to each other.there are place marketing,person marketing,image marketing etc etc.For that reason we need academic study of them and scope to get practice as well as apply them fruitfully.For that reason I want to open this web side.please grant me to enter on this page and get study on various aspect of marketing.I me u not be such wrong right future behavior knowledge actual others our your team is poor right. unhappy actual happy important essential otherwise rich rice curry meet fish something anything personal employee personnel addicted morning afternoon noon evening i you our village town factor serious sick fine good nice very beauty mind soul relation between among two people .sector office home house arrangement buy purchase sell sale etc.become a good person u need to be gentle.other you would fall in problem. to be a good one u should practice read attentively nothing else.i have to go home cook my food then i have to read.too much boring, a painful task . it is enough

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