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Essay on Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela was an ordinary man, an ordinary man with incredible dreams for his country. A man with dreams is worth more to the world than the ones ruling it. They are the ones who define the revolutions. They are the ones who define the citizens. The men with dreams strive to be like Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela started out as an average citizen, until he himself became determined to make a difference in his community. He brought the freedom of democracy to the once communistic state of South Africa. Nelson Mandela is the greatest leader of all time.

Nelson Mandela was born in a village near Umtata. His father died when he was a child, leaving him to later on in like assume a high office. He got his education from the missionaries near his hometown, and strived to better himself as an individual. Later, he enrolled in the University College of Fort Hare, where he studied law and politics. Showing at an early age his dedication to peaceful change, Mandela joined a protest boycott that got him suspended from attending classes at the university. He then finished his degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. He showed extreme amounts of devotion toward getting the education he wanted, while attending the protests he cared so much about. Nelson was deeply in love with his education, and the furthering of education in his country.

Nelson Mandela helped form the African National Congress during the start of World War II. The ANC was formed to protest peacefully against the unjust laws of the South African government. Through many years of showing his devotion toward this cause, he helped develop the campaign called, "The Defiance Campaign". Mandela firmly believed in the non-violent protests that would someday lead to the liberation of the rights of the South African people. In 1952, his efforts were rewarded again when he was elected Volunteer-in-chief of the Defiance Campaign. Though this would get him in trouble with the government for heading such an operation, he still pushed through and allowed the peaceful rioters to speak their minds. Nelson Mandela gathered forces from all over the country, as they led their attack of ideas onto the government.

Nelson Mandela was put on trial by the government, but his sentence was put on hold for the time being. He was forced to stay in the area of Johannesburg, as was only a partial sentence to his "crimes." During the six months he was forced to stay in Johannesburg, he came up with the "M" Plan. The "M" Plan mandated that the branches of the ANC were to continue their operations underground. Mandela shows his passion for these people as he continually fights for their rights and cares so much that he is risking being thrown into jail. In 1952, Mandela and his lifelong friend Oliver Tambo opened the first black legal office in the country. Although a seemingly small step, this was huge for the advancements of the rights of the native



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