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Unethical Business Conduct

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Essay Preview: Unethical Business Conduct

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Unethical Business Conduct

Ethics are norms or standards of behavior that guide moral choices about out behavior and our relationships with others. () Integrity and respect is represented with ethics in the workplace. The objective is values and morals of an organization. The grounds for ethics are integrity. In 2007, Michael Vick exercised unethical behavior toward the National Football League. Michael was convicted for illegal dog fighting operations. In 2009, Plaxico Burress was convicted for gun charges. Mr. Burress was the Super Bowl Hero in 2009 during Super Bowl XLII.

Injured Parties

The injured parties involved are their families and the National Football League. The representation showed by the players disgraced the NFL organization. Both individuals performed unethical conduct in an unprofessional manner. Mr. Vick and Mr. Burress are both fathers. No child should be a witness to a father going to jail. The mothers having to take on the role model of keeping the family ground and aware of the truth. Society plays a major role in damaging the respect of the players. The testimony of a guilty plea has brought on embarrassment of both parties and their families.

Unethical behavior affected organization, individual and society

Mr. Vick and Mr. Burress return to the NFL has affected the organization and the society. The society argues against NFL allowing football players with a criminal crime to return to the field. Fans disagree with the outcome of NFL players receiving play time with bad reports with the law. The reinstating of the players, has open a new venue with social pressure. The players will always be rememeber for committing the crime and serving time in jail. Their individual respect has been lost and has to be re-gain over a period of time.

Avoid or resolve unethical behavior

Mr. Vick and Mr. Burress has both performed unethical behavior toward the NFL organization. The NFL players has standards to uphold will employed with the organization. The crimes could have been avoided with not being arrested for crimanl crimes. The NFL orgainizatin holds each player accountable for their action on the field and off the field. When off the field each player should represent the NFL organization and their families. Both players has resolved their bad behavior. They have serverd jail time and paid restution fees to the government. They have apologize to the organization and their families for their unethical behavior. During the process of purnishment both players has shown better representation for the organization and their familes.


currently working with is implementing a new work order system. The reason for the new system, the company old system crashed. This new system is to accommodate a wide variety



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