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Ethics and Personal Reflection

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Essay Preview: Ethics and Personal Reflection

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The case study assignment was a group project and I want to take the opportunity to highlight my contribution to its development. During group projects, participation and community-building are dependent on one’s conscious contribution to the task at hand. This involves both a consistent initiation of thoughtful discussion and engagement with peers. In order to fully comprehend the exact nature of my role, the rest of this reflection will explain what I was responsible for and how exactly I fulfilled my responsibility.

Primarily, having good time management skills in a group increases the quality of the project. I made sure to dedicate equal amounts of time and effort into this project as other members. I demonstrated this skill by dedicating a minimum of 30 minutes on the case study since the day we were assigned the task. This distributed my workload throughout the total given time, instead of rushing to complete it at the last minute. I had set various personal due dates on my calendar that reminded me to complete the set of questions assigned to me. We were having a difficulty in arranging a time where we would be able to work as a group altogether because everyone had different schedules. So, we worked on this project using Google Docs because the ability to write comments and make suggestions on other people’s work gave us the opportunity to work as a group without having to be together in person. I also made a table that outlined the responsibility of every person after discussing the answers together. This gave everyone the freedom to work on this project without having to work at a specific time.

Moreover, I made sure to exhibit effective communication skills with my group members to increase the comfort levels when collaborating with them. I continually expressed my opinion in every group discussion that we had in relation to the case study. I also tried to provide an answer for a majority of the questions. For instance, we were having difficulties in deciphering some questions such as question 1. So, we all conversed together via a group chat to understand the question. I made sure to clarify my confusions for some questions with the teacher via Remind prior to giving my group a false response.

Lastly, ethics and personal reflection refers to my overall nature within my group. I displayed these skills by making sure that everyone in the group comprehended the task and the instructions. I exhibited concern and care for other group members by persuading my group to spend a day to discuss the questions together and jot down our answers in key points. I tried my best to answer their questions or concerns without disrespecting their learning needs. The problem faced in this section was that everyone had a different style of learning which made it difficult to work together. We resolved this by individually leading group discussions in our group using different styles of learning.  It was my responsibility to read each question out to my group and decode it into simpler terms to fulfill the needs of the auditory learners. This project showcased our effective teamwork, as we dedicated all of our effort and maturely handled all of our conflicts.



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