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Personality Reflection

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        In class, we did a personality test on the website  In doing so, we were able to accomplish what our traits would look like through this one test.  Speaking for myself, I believe the test was mostly accurate with some miscues.  First, it pointed me out as an introvert, which I agree with undoubtedly.  I have never been the best to meet new people, and I usually just wait for those to start greeting and talking to me first.  Then, I also agree with the test believe I am observant, focusing on the present and sometimes the past.  Although they marked me down as a feeling type, I believe that is a little off, I am more prone to keep my feelings off for the time being, until I have been able to think.  While being prospecting, I tend to be a lot more open-minded and flexible to those I know, and even those I do not know.  All in all, I am labeled an adventurer, and I tend to fix my shortcomings.  At the core of this, I am able to see what can be fixed and what I can work on, being a person that needs to fix what needs to be fixed.  I will be better than I was before this, and in doing so, I will become the complete person that I want to become.  This is what I believe I will accomplish and my desire to get there is inevitable, and I will work hard to get it.



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