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Personality Reflection Essay

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Cordelia Li

Raymond Chelf

ACE 112

March 28, 2016

Personality Reflection Essay

There are many personality survey on the internet, their result can show people what type person they are and what characters this kind people have. I took few personality survey and it shows many characters I have. In my view, most of the result are accurate.

The first text I took is 16 personalities. During this test, my personality type is the campaigner which is ENFP, to be more specific, I am extraverted: 75%, intuitive: 58%, feeling: 62%, prospecting: 72%, turbulent: 66% (“Anonymous Campaigner-The Campaigner 16 Personalities.”).

For the people who belong to ENFP type personality, as the mind aspect, are ebullient and out-going, they are prefer to attend society activities, make friends easily and they are energetic. They prefer to challenge themselves and people surround them, and they enjoy pushing limits.("Mind: Introverted vs. Extraverted." pra. 3). In my opinion, I really agree with this point. To me I prefer to attend many volunteer activities instead stay at home in the weekend and in general life, I always go outside for walking every day for a half hour.

Second, for the energy aspect, ENFPs are more intuitive. “Intuitive individuals are very imaginative, open-minded and curious. They prefer novelty over stability and focus on hidden meanings and future possibilities” (“Anonymous Campaigner-The Campaigner 16 Personalities."). According to the description, people who is intuitive is a little bit addicted in to their dreaming world. They always dream the reason and the process of a thing, they are deviate from the real word.("Energy: Intuitive vs. Observant." pra. 3). To me, I always dream about my future like and I always imagine how a thing will happened; however, I don’t think I have already deviate the real life, because there is a big difference between the dream and the real life, though some times the real life has the same situation with the dream, it is rarely happen, so it is easy to distinguish these two world.

The third point is nature. This kind of people pay more attention to their feeling rather than thinking. This kind of people like to share their feelings to the world and they are not afraid to face their innermost feeling, they are compassionate. In addition, compare with compete, they prefer to cooperate, it not means that they are easily to change their mind, in contrast, they will strongly believe their principle and dream, other people cannot break it generally. ("Nature: Thinking vs. Feeling." pra. 4). I think I am a person who like compete, because I think the compete can make people better, and there are many conflict exist in the cooperate, they are difficult to solve, I really hate those problems, so I prefer compete.

The fourth aspect is tactics. ENPC’s people are more prospecting than judging. They are good at show something without prepare and they are more flexible, they prefer to keep their choice open. They know clearly that there are many possibility around people’s life, therefore they are not willing to make promise, and they will pay more attention to the things that makes them feel excited.( "Tactics: Judging vs. Prospecting."). This point shows one of my characters. I really think that changing occurs all the time, so people do not need to make a plan and it is not good for people to make a promise to others except people can make sure that he or she can complete this thing one hundred percent. Therefore, I usually do not make promise and plan something.



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